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3 Months Certificate In Computer Networking Security


This course is structured to help the student to understand, practice and apply concepts used in computer networking and security. It is tailored to provide insights along Comptia’s Network + and Security + Certification and will guide students pass through and work in the real world of computer network security confidently.

Learning outcomes:

Describe different network topologies, Compare the layers of the OSI and TCP/IP models, Classify how applications, devices and protocols relate to the OSI Model, Identify common TCP and UDP default ports, Explain the functions of common network protocols, Summarize DNS concepts and its components, Identify virtual desktop components, Explain the purpose and properties of DHCP, Plan and implement a basic SOHO network, Explain different methods and rationales for network performance optimization, Use appropriate software tools to troubleshoot connectivity issues, Use appropriate hardware tools to troubleshoot connectivity issues, Use appropriate network resources to analyze traffic, Describe the purpose of configuration management documentation, e.t.c.


Career Prospect:

As a result of the growth of network and their vulnerability to external threats, organizations that use integrated network security solutions rely on properly trained professionals with network security certification to maintain and protect the integrity of their networks.

Effective Session:

This program covers twelve (12) weeks of theory and hands-on training to help students understand and solve challenges associated with computer networking and security,


TIME: 9:00 AM-3:00 PM  (Saturdays ONLY).
CONTACT: 0202625781


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Wednesday April 6, 2022