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5-Day Training Programme in Strategic Marketing, Brand Management, and Public Relations Opens at GCTU

The programme aims to equip participants with the tools and techniques necessary to impact their organizations

A 5-day training programme in Strategic Marketing, Brand Management and Public Relations has opened at GCTU today, 17th July. 

The programme, organized under the auspices of the Center for Strategic Business and Professional Development (CSBPD), has brought together participants from three institutions namely, Ghana Communication Technology University (GCTU), Accra Technical University (ATU) and Asampharm Pharmaceuticals, a prominent pharmaceutical company. 

Opening the programme, the Head of CSBPD, Madam Araba Akanji, set the tone for a fruitful and engaging training experience. Madam Araba urged the participants to seize this opportunity to not only acquire knowledge but also to apply it effectively in their respective work environments. She emphasized the importance of utilizing the skills gained to contribute positively to their organizations. 

The much-awaited training programme is being expertly facilitated by Mr. Charles Asare and Mr. Kwame Ntim Sekyere, both from the GCTU Business School. With their vast knowledge and experience in the field, the participants are poised to gain valuable insights and enhance their expertise in strategic marketing, brand management, and public relations. 

The programme encompasses a wide range of topics such as building effective marketing strategies, establishing a strong brand identity, understanding customers, brand attributes, managing public relations crises, and understanding consumer behaviour in a dynamic marketplace among others. 

The training programme aims to empower the participants with the necessary tools and techniques to navigate the ever-evolving marketing and public relations landscape. By equipping them with advanced skills and knowledge, it is expected that the participants will be able to enhance their professional growth and positively impact their respective organizations. 

Issued by University Relations Directorate
Tuesday July 18, 2023