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Essential Business Skills (ABMA)

The Center for Professional Development, Ghana Technology University College will like to invite interested individuals and organizations to a 7 weekend training course in ABMA Skills (hereafter known as ABMA) Essential Business Skills. The training will run from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm each Saturday.


Programme Aim

The ABMA Skills (hereafter known as ABMA) Essential Business Skills programme has been designed to support learners in the development of competencies and knowledge which can be used in a variety of contexts. The course has a practical, rather than a theoretical, basis which can be offered independently or alongside other curricula.

Through engagement with this programme, learners will be expose to concepts and techniques which will enable them to become more productive in their working environment or to provide some of the knowledge, skills and competencies which will help them gain employment.

Programme Objectives & Structure:

1.           Demonstrate a significant increase in employability and soft skills,

2.           Demonstrate an increase in competences required to contribute effectively in both personal and professional situations and context.

3.           Apply techniques to personal and professional situation/context/problem

4.           Demonstrate an ability to work with others through effective communication, respectful interaction and ethical behavior,

5.           Reflect on own behavior and performance, and create a meaningful personal development plan

Developing Key Competencies:

·             Time Management

·             Problem Solving

·             Decision Making

·             Report Writing

·             Presentation Skills

·             Coping with Organisational Change

·             Critical Thinking

Working with Others:

·             Emotional Intelligence

·             Conflict Resolution

·             Motivation: Self and Others

·             Teamwork

·             Leadership

·             Coaching and Mentoring

·             Networking



Who should enroll on the Essential Business Skills programme?

The practical activities, supported by group discussions and trainer led exercises, facilitate access to this programme for learners who are from different backgrounds.

Learners will benefit from the programme’s content should they be seeking to improve their skills set in a professional context. However, the subject contained within the programme are also attractive and beneficial to those who would use the skills and competences in less formal, and more personal settings.



Date:                                  29th February – 11th April, 2020 (7 Saturdays)
Time:                                 9:00am – 2:00pm each day
Programme Fee:           GH¢ 2,000.00 (Fee includes course material, feeding & certification)
Venue:                              GTUC- Tesano


For further details or registration, please send an email to:,,,
Or kindly call our offices on: 0302200606/0302200615/0202698359/0501341945/0542764708


Issued by University Relations Directorate
Tuesday January 21, 2020