Invitation To A-Two Day Grant Proposal Writing Training

Invitation To A-Two Day Grant Proposal Writing Training

The Professional Development Unit of Ghana Communication Technology University is pleased to invite the general public to a two (2) day Grant Proposal Writing training. The details of the programme are as follows: 

Date: 15th-16th April, 2024 

Venue: Ghana Communication Technology University, Tesano – Accra      
Time: 9:00am – 3:00 pm daily
Fee: Affordable (tuition, course materials, certificate and feeding)  


Organizations secure resources through a variety of venues, including fees, grants, contracts, gifts, bequests, in-kind (non-cash) contributions, and investments. As such this course will emphasize grant-seeking, contract procurement, proposal writing, and fundraising as ways to empower organizations and groups, expand and improve services, reach populations in need, improve social conditions or anticipate and correct the emergence of problems.  

Participants will learn components of effective grant proposals and technical knowledge on designing supporting documents such as project timelines, flowcharts, organization charts, and logic models. The implications of using alternative approaches to income generation and of changing the income mix will be analyzed in terms of mission accomplishment, program viability, and organizational maintenance.  

The training is aimed at; 

  • Assess the financial stability of an organization.  
  • Identify appropriate funding strategies leading toward the financial sustainability of an organization.  
  • Locate appropriate funding sources for specific social programs, projects, and organizational needs.  
  • Initiate and sustain relationships with potential funders and donors.  
  • Write project proposals that are technically complete and contribute to social equity. 
  • Develop and carry out elements in a fundraising campaign and/or fundraising events.  
  • Distinguish between the advantages and disadvantages of alternative funding sources and strategies in terms of mission, program achievement, and organizational sustainability. 
  • Discuss typical ethical concerns related to grant getting, contracting, and fundraising.  


This course is designed for Non-Profit Organisation (NGO’s), Government Agencies and Researchers, Professional bodies, religious organizations and traditional authorities. 

For further enquiries, kindly contact CPD on 0202698359 /0543354688 Email; / / 

Issued by University Relations Directorate
Monday March 25, 2024