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GCTU hosts 2022 CILT African Forum Stakeholders….

2022 CILT Africa Forum in conjunction with CPD

GCTU reaffirmed its burgeoning reputation as a forward looking institution when it hosted the 2022 CILT AFRICA FORUM Stakeholder Engagement event this weekend. The event which was held on Saturday, 14th May 2022 at the Florence Onny Auditorium on GCTU’s main campus, was organized by the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT), in conjunction with the University’s Centre for Professional Development (CPD).

The event was one of a series of programmes that formed part of this year’s Africa Forum Celebration, which is a major continental event for CILT Africa with representatives from 12 countries. The University was proud to play such a central role in the programme, which brought together all CILT Accredited Training Partners (ATPs), including GCTU itself.

Held in the form of a workshop for students pursuing the CILT programme from the various ATP’s in Ghana, the event was facilitated by Mr. Jon Harris, who is the CILT International Education and Business Development Lead. The workshop, which was very well received by those in attendance, was primarily aimed at highlighting and addressing the specific challenges faced by the ATPs, and crucially, providing a firsthand insight into the novel strategies which are being implemented by

CILT International to guarantee the efficient operation of the professional programme.

GCTU’s CPD, which is the University’s hub for professional development, offers a range of uniquely tailored, industry relevant programmes which are aimed at providing a practical, interactive and hands-on experience to both supplement and enhance the traditional academic learning approach. Among its various course offerings, the CPD facilitates a host of CILT programmes, which are among the Centre’s most well patronized.

The CPD’s partnership with the esteemed CILT organization has certainly played a role in enhancing the reputation of the University, and the mutual benefit of the relationship between the two organizations was starkly evidenced by CILT International’s decision to select GCTU as a host and co-organizer of this groundbreaking Stakeholder engagement event.

In Attendance at the event were representatives from CILT Ghana including Engr. M. A. Amoamah, President, CILT Ghana and Council Member, GCTU, Mr. Neil Vorleto, Vice-President-Educational and Professional Development, Mrs. Patience Abledey-Dorte-Education Officer, and Mr. Frank Osei, an Administrative Officer.

The occasion was also graced by the presence of GCTU’s newly appointed Pro Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Robert Ebo Hinson. Mrs. Araba Hackaman Akanji, the Head of Business Development at GCTU, was also present, acting in her capacity as the University’s CPD coordinator, and playing a key role in the organization of the event. A total of 76 students were also present at the programme.

During the stakeholder engagement, a range of interesting topics were discussed, including CILT Education Standards and Professional Membership, Methods of Accreditation, Mentorship and the significance of the UN Sustainable goals within the context of professional development. The topics were handled in an innovative and holistic manner, offering the participants some keen insights into the many issues discussed.

The success of the event certainly paid credence to CILT’s status as an excellent professional organization that places a significant focus on its various stakeholders and continuously seeks ways to carry out its mandate with the utmost proficiency and professionalism.

GCTU is immensely proud of its association with CILT International and through its dedicated focus towards professional development it anticipates the continued proliferation of similar partnerships as it seeks to further cement its place at the forefront of Ghana’s and indeed Africa’s modern University landscape

Issued by University Relations Directorate
Friday May 20, 2022