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The Centre for Professional Development, Ghana Technology University College (GTUC-CPD) in collaboration with Center for Business Analysis (CBA) is inviting the general public to a 5 week (Saturdays) training in Business Data Analytics.



Businesses make thousands of decisions a day. Most are routine, many are underpinned by data, and a growing number can be automated. But what happens when the time comes for a business to shift course?  Businesses need to be faster and more sophisticated when it comes to decision-making capabilities and are seeking the right mix of mind and machine to leverage data and gain a competitive edge. Business intelligence and analytics is key to enabling successful competition in today’s world of “big data”.

Data is the new oil. It’s valuable, but if unrefined it cannot really be used. This training course focuses on helping participants not only to understand how best to leverage business intelligence and analytics but to become more effective decision makers, making smarter decisions and generating better results for their organizations.

Participants will have an opportunity to apply the concepts, principles, and methods associated with areas of analytics to real problems – from data to insights. Business data analytics is allowing managers to understand the dynamics of business, anticipate market shifts and manage risks. Rather than “going with gut”, companies are embracing analytics to make decisions that improve efficiency, risk management and profits.


The Business Data Analytics training course is designed to facilitate participants’ understanding on how to leverage business intelligence and analytics in their organization. The course examines critical areas of analytics, namely: descriptive analytics, predictive analytics, prescriptive analytics, diagnostics analytics and adoptive & autonomous analytics.

It will enable participants to learn how these types of analytics are used to address critical business issues, as well as how they can enable/drive organizations to conduct business in radically different and more effective/efficient ways. It covers the current and emerging issues of data analytics strategy and management, as well as the tactical, operational, and strategic responsibilities and roles of business executives in leveraging their business intelligence and data analytics resources.

In addition, participants will gain an understanding and the capability to apply a broad range of analytic techniques including optimization, data modeling, and data warehousing.




  • Introduction to the Analytics Way
  • The Process of Business Analytics
  • Opportunities and Challenges of Data
  • Data Analytics and Visualization Using Power BI


After partaking in this hands-on training, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the issues related to management of Big Data and apply Big Data analysis in real life business problems.
  • Understand the purpose and analyze the impact of business intelligence and data analytics on the organization
  • Understand how best to apply data analytics and business intelligence methods and techniques in addressing strategic business problems.
  • Develop a basic data analytics strategy and plan for their organization
  • Understand the role of data analytics in helping organizations make better decisions
  • Demonstrate ability to perform effective data visualization and exploration by using business intelligence software, Microsoft Power BI
  • Communicate the results of analysis to both a technical and management audience

Date:               14th March – 19th April, 2020

Venue:            Ghana Technology University College, Tesano-Accra

Time:              9:00am -3:00pm

Fee:                 Affordable (Fee includes Tuition, Course Materials, Lunch and Certificate)

Duration:        Five (5) Weeks (Saturdays only)



This training programme is designed for Chief Executives, Professionals in IT, Media, Local Government, Marketing, Education, Utility, Health, Insurance and Banking industries as well as Corporate Business Executives.


For further details and Registration, please contact

E mail: / /

Telephone: 0302 200606/ 0202698359/ 0501509524


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Tuesday January 21, 2020